Does art really make a difference? See how this rather awkward area leading to a meeting space looks without the intimate effect of artwork?

This dramatically demonstrates how art in the workplace can transform even the most utilitarian space and make it an expression of an organization’s values and culture. For the very presence of art implies, to even the most casual visitor, that this is a place where people are highly valued. And that’s a message that, regardless of corporate mission, is appropriate to any organization. Our role is to facilitate and implement the creation of an environment whose tonality is appropriate to the site as well as the organization.

Our work may involve the selection, acquisition and/or commissioning of new art, or simply the reframing and installation of an existing art collection. We are prepared to consult with architects prior to construction or reconstruction and, at the opposite extreme, we can provide ongoing support in managing the collection and maintaining the art. The precise spectrum of services we provide is defined by the client’s requirements and objectives.

It’s important to note that whatever the scope of a project, the principals of MkM are directly and constantly involved, not merely as a matter of contractual obligation but out of personal concern for the totality of the end result.