From the inception of the company, I’ve never thought of MkM Fine Art as simply a business activity. In a very real way it’s been — and continues to be — an integral part of my daily life.

Art first became vitally important to me early on, when I was a young student. I well remember how I would carefully arrange found objects — shells, bottles, scraps of fabric — into an altar-like installation in my room. Unfailingly, the assemblage brought me a new and different visual experience, a gift transformed by the variations of the light at any given hour of the day.

Later, art became so centrally important to me that at one point I literally lived for a time on tuna fish and lentils so that I could afford to buy artworks that affected me deeply, so deeply that I just had to make them a part of my world.

How fortunate I am to work professionally in a field where I can enjoy — and make it possible for so many people in the realms of health care and corporate enterprise to share — the extraordinary pleasures that the viewing and contemplation of art in all its forms so uniquely offers to the mind and the heart.