After many years of working with clients ranging from multinational to regional, we've developed a process that expeditiously defines the scope of a project and creates an efficient pathway for completion.

The first step is a discussion with the client to gain a clear sense of the nature of the business or, in the case of a healthcare facility, its mission within the community.

We then get into the specifics, such as the usage of the space(s), the theme of the art program (if any), the desired impression the art should deliver, etc. If there is existing artwork, it’s assessed for reuse or disposal via sale or tax-deductible donations. A budget is subsequently submitted, unless a fixed budget has already been established.

We next become familiar with the actual location and spaces involved, either on site or through blueprints. Then we develop a preselection of art for review by the client, surveying our nationwide art sources to find precisely the right art for the job.

When we present our pre-selections, we provide sufficient options to offer the client the opportunity to express personal preferences. Once everything is finalized, we arrange for framing, delivery and installation.

Many options are available for enhancing the management of the art collection and amplifying its effectiveness. For example, we can provide a spreadsheet documenting the artworks and their valuations. We have the capability to create privately published coffee table books, illustrated with reproductions and providing artists’ resumes and other relevant information. These could be used in main greeting spaces for visitors — an effective bit of public relations. In sum, if you have any specialized ideas for collection-related support, we can be instrumental in making them a reality.

We think it important for you to know that regardless of scale, we see each project as an opportunity to build a long-term relationship to handle your various future needs for art services. And we know we can only achieve that end by providing nothing less than the highest level of performance on the very first project you assign to us.